Data sheet

HPE Database Migration Assessment Service

Service overview

HPE Database Migration Assessment Service provides flexible HPE consulting and integration tasks to help you estimate the effort of migrating your database to a chosen database platform.
As part of this service, one or more HPE database consultants will be assigned to your organization for a predetermined period based upon purchased service hours to assist with mutually agreed-upon HPE Database Migration Assessment related consulting and integration tasks that are managed and directed by your organization. Hewlett Packard Enterprise assigns a senior DBA as a resource to your organization during the service duration provided with this service. Also, HPE provides, at no additional charge, a remote project manager, who provides up to four hours of remote assistance for planning and organization.
You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of service activities and tasks described in this data sheet. Before the start of service delivery, you will agree with HPE Pointnext consulting upon the tasks that will be delivered during the first week of this service.