Technical white paper

HPE Standard Memory population rules for HPE Gen10 servers using Intel Xeon Scalable or AMD Opteron processors


This paper describes how to populate HPE DDR4 Standard Memory DIMMs in HPE ProLiant MicroServer and HPE ProLiant 10 series servers using either Intel Xeon Scalable processors or AMD Opteron processors. HPE Server Memory for Gen10 servers support faster data rates, lower latencies, and greater power efficiency than the DIMMs used in previous generations of HPE servers.

Populating HPE DDR4 Standard Memory in HPE Gen10 servers

HPE Gen10 systems support a variety of flexible memory configurations. For optimal performance and functionality, you should follow these rules when populating HPE Gen10 servers with HPE DDR4 DIMMs. Violating these rules may result in reduced memory capacity, reduced performance, or error messages during boot.

Introduction to DIMM slot locations

In general, DIMM population order follows the same logic for all HPE Gen10 servers - although physical arrangement may vary from server to server. To populate DIMMs in the correct order and location, see Tables 2 and 3 for HPE Standard Memory DIMMs. Each table reflects the DIMM slots to use for a given number of DIMMs around a single processor, assuming a common DIMM type.