Data sheet

HPE Datacenter Facility and Technology Transformation Service

Data center transformation and migration projects stretch customer IT operations teams. Their skill set and procedures cannot - most of the time - cope with the amount and nature of the changes in the environment. Challenges include analyzing and planning the required IT rack organization, space, and power/cooling capacity to be built, reengineered, or rented. It also includes planning equipment deployment, establishing technical specifications, and specifying requirements for the facility infrastructure inside the data hall.
HPE Datacenter Facility and Technology Transformation Service helps the customer right-size the new facility, no matter if it is owned or outsourced off-premises, and then proceeds with a technical specification study for the white space. It helps meet performance, service-level objectives, and tight deadlines that are associated with operational costs.

Service benefits

  • This service includes powerful space and power/cooling modeling together for the current picture and for future growth. HPE knows the right questions to ask and how to translate IT resource data into facility capacity demand information.
  • The HPE experts follow the latest standards and trends in data center infrastructure and know how to design and implement future-proof and best practices' configurations.