Service brief

HPE Facilities IT Impact Service

Service description

Modern high-performance IT architectures put greater demands on data-center-critical infrastructure. This is particularly true with new business cases featuring high-performance computing, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and others, and implementations require upgrades or retrofits of existing power and cooling infrastructure. HPE Facilities IT Impact Service can help ensure that facilities, while adding new infrastructure hardware or IT equipment, have sufficient power, cooling, and reliability to support the future operations.
An HPE service specialist plans all the necessary activities, including the identification of any prerequisites, and schedule the delivery of the service at a time mutually agreed upon during local HPE standard business hours. The delivery time excludes HPE holidays, unless otherwise agreed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Any service provided outside of HPE standard business hours may be subject to additional charges.
HPE Data Center Facilities (DCF) Consulting conducts an on-site assessment of the facility to collect information and present the condition, capacity, and capability of the infrastructure equipment to support a new load, including a visual inspection of the data center and its supporting infrastructure. The following specific facility or infrastructure components and systems will be investigated.