Case study

Datex and HPE OEM: Breakthrough security

Breach culture

Data breaches are on the rise. In the last two years alone, more than 16 major retailers have announced they were hacked - household names that once enjoyed a place of trust in the collective psyche.
But another emerging fact is more disturbing: Nearly 90% of login attempts on retailer websites are made by hackers using stolen data. Staying one step ahead of the next breach is what keeps IT managers and CEOs alike awake at night.
So while the big names in the security arena continue their efforts to hold the gate against a growing army of attackers, a small Canadian startup is asking a paradigm-shifting question: What if it doesn't matter if the hackers get in?
"Instead of trying to block unauthorized access or deploying alerts that tell you when an intrusion has already occurred, we take a more proactive approach," says Allan Kennedy, Director of Channel Sales with Datex.