Service brief

HPE Energy Efficiency Analysis Service

Service description

Data centers are the backbone of today's economy. The explosion of digital content, Big Data, e-commerce, and internet traffic is making data centers one of the fastest-growing energy consumers. In addition, the increase in energy costs, federal and institutional initiatives, public pressure due to environmental responsibility, and procurement of high-power density equipment are making the energy management of data centers a high priority.
Whether customers have a server room, an enterprise data center, or a server farm that runs cloud computing, HPE Energy Efficiency Analysis (EEA) Service helps them manage the efficiency of their facilities, hence helping optimize their operations costs. It helps understand the current-state energy use and greenhouse gas emission metrics, as well as identifies the mechanical, electrical, infrastructure, and operational issues that affect energy consumption. Finally, the service helps develop a future-state energy reduction road map, including necessary reengineering works and associated return on investment (ROI).

Service benefits

  • Provides tangible metrics of the data center facility's energy efficiency
  • Offers energy profile and efficiency benchmarking data in comparison with other facilities