Service brief

HPE Thermal Assessment Services

Service description

Growing server workload requirements and the adoption of high-performance computing technologies increases the importance of provisioning adequate power and cooling. HPE Thermal Assessment Service is a standardized assessment of air management and cooling capability. It includes thermal zone mapping, an analysis that graphically represents the area influenced by each air conditioning unit in the customer's facility. This insight helps our customers to more effectively locate mission-critical equipment in locations influenced by multiple air conditioning units, which can potentially protect from the effects of overheating caused by mechanical failures. Two service options are available:
The HPE Thermal Quick Assessment Service provides a base-level assessment of the customer's data center space and power/cooling based on interviews with the staff and HPE observations of the data center facilities infrastructure.
The HPE Thermal Comprehensive Assessment Service supplements the HPE Thermal Quick Assessment Service with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling. This models and identifies the probable effects of potential air management and cooling issues, improvements, or addition of new equipment to the facility.

Service benefits

  • Determine the potential space and power/cooling capacity of the data center environment and plan for the addition of new equipment to the facility.
  • Understand current-state air management (bypass and recirculation), space, power/cooling issues, and strategies to implement best practices.