Case study

Simplifying the smart world

Megatrend: IoT

There are trends, and then there are megatrends. The Internet of Things (IoT) belongs firmly in that second category. And it's no wonder. In today's hyperconnected society, we have more access to information than at any other point in human history. The concept of collecting and analyzing all that information with sensors and smart objects might just be the next step in our collective evolution.
It's a concept that Gractor, a South Korean IoT innovator, has turned into a business model with a series of business initiatives that transform factories, farms, homes, and cities into smart entities.
Aliot Edge Platform is the IoT platform that turns those agricultural lands into smart farms; abodes into smart homes. "In order to deliver real-time results to our customers, we built the platform in three parts," explains Youngho Choi, managing director of Gractor. "This is an edge-to-cloud solution, so we need edge computing in the field, data aggregation in the cloud, and data analytics tools for the end user."

Edge to cloud

Gractor brands the edge compute component as iConnector, the data aggregation component as iLinker, and the data analysis tools iStudio - together they make up the Aliot Edge Platform.