Service brief

HPE Data Center Facilities 40-Hour Onsite Service

Service description

Fast-growing business demands facilities featuring availability and capacity to process applications and data. It should support the modern go-to-market strategy - hybrid cloud, data analytics, HPC, AI, and more.
HPE Data Center Facilities (DCF) 40-Hour Onsite Service offers a flexible means of providing customers with DCF consulting and integration assistance to help meet their needs. With a simple and agile 40-Hour service, our customers gain value-added experts to address a full range of key consultancy activities. It may include - according to the Statement of Work (SOW) validated with the customer - facilities assessments (thermal, capacity, energy, robustness, tier level), IT infrastructure impact analysis on facilities, high-level facilities design consulting, operations consulting, or facilities testing assistance.

Service benefits

When customers purchase this service, one or more HPE DCF technology consultants will be assigned to the organization for a predetermined period of time. These consultants assist with mutually agreed upon consulting and integration activities that are managed and directed by the customer.