Case study

Cloud service provider helps fuel Indonesian economy with HPE hybrid cloud solution

Navigating stringent data privacy laws in a high-growth market

Cloud and mobile technologies are rapidly transforming businesses throughout Indonesia. And the number of internet users in the country is skyrocketing, evidenced by projected growth of 64% from 2015 to 2020. As more of Indonesia's nearly 270 million citizens purchase smartphones and go online, businesses are embracing the cloud and transforming into digital enterprises. Effectively tapping into this market requires scalable cloud technology that allows businesses to reach customers through the web and mobile platforms.
However, Indonesian businesses must adhere to strict data privacy and data sovereignty laws, including the requirement to store their data locally. This makes using public cloud services difficult, as most public clouds store customer data outside of Indonesia.
Helping Indonesian businesses navigate this challenge is Datacomm Diangraha, PT, one of the country's leading internet communications and cloud service providers.