Case study

A safety net for society built on HPE 3PAR

With millions of citizens relying on its services, Ireland's Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection needed to speed its client payment environment. The department chose all-flash storage arrays to boost its batch processing times by 75% while positioning itself for massive scalability.

A lifetime of data

What if an agency tracked the entire cycle of every human life in a country from before birth to after death, and every milestone in between? If you think that sounds like a lot of data, you'd be right.
Just ask Declan Ryan, Datacentre Services Manager for the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection in Ireland. "It's our job to help people through every stage of life," Ryan explains.
"Before they're born, we might be supporting someone through a maternity grant. When they enter the education system, they may receive a back to school allowance, then a college grant. If they get sick, we support them through their illness. When they get married, or have children of their own, we're there. Then it's paying a pension or a death benefit," Ryan says.