Case study

Basefarm: historic reliability, predictive analytics

The internet of now

Massive scalability. Exponential growth. Proactive partnership. On the list of big business victories, Norway's Basefarm can mark all the checkboxes. It's a trajectory the European IT service provider has been charting for decades through an ever-changing tech landscape.
When Basefarm entered the IT services industry, the internet still wasn't ready for prime time, and few could imagine a world where online services are the backbone of global business. Both the internet and Basefarm have come a long way since then. Today, guaranteeing availability and performance for online business applications is key to staying competitive in a digital world.
As the technology has matured in the last 25 years, the role of IT service provider has become more complex, more central to business success. Even in the last few years, advances in cloud computing and data analytics have seen major transformation.