Case study

Avion Group soars above the competition with HPE OEM Solutions

Avion Group builds and operates flight simulators and simulator centers (Simliners) for a global customer base. It also runs cadet programs and professional flight training. The subsidiaries: Avion Simulators, Avion Training, Avion Cadet, Avion Lease, and the Simliner training centers fall under Avion Group, headquartered in Nieuw-Vennep, the Netherlands. For further information, visit:

A new pilot, every 15 minutes

In 2017 a record-breaking 4.1 billion passengers travelled on scheduled flights - 280 million more than the previous year. To keep up with this tremendous growth, passenger and cargo airlines are expected to buy 41,000 new airliners by 2036. And they will need 637,000 new pilots to fly them.
To meet this demand, 87 new pilots will need to be trained and ready to fly a commercial airliner every day. That's one every 15 minutes. How to do this in an efficient and cost-effective way presents an enormous challenge for the aviation industry. One that flight simulation and pilot training specialist Avion Group is ready to help tackle.
Avion Group has developed a high-quality, competitively-priced full flight simulator (FFS) for airlines to train pilots safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. For technical hardware and support, it turned to HPE OEM Solutions.