Solution brief

HPE Application Migration Plan for Cloud

You have more choices now than ever to host your applications in a hybrid cloud environment. And to determine the right mix of hybrid cloud destination choices for all your applications that best suit your business is complex and lengthy.

With HPE Right Mix Advisor and its insights, we reduce to weeks from months the identification of your starting point for application migration, accelerating your time-to-value.

Planning for application migration

Your organization has undoubtedly recognized that moving applications to new hybrid cloud destinations are extremely complex. What determines that an application should be hosted on any given hybrid cloud platform? If your investigations aren't going well, it's difficult to make informed choices about where to host. It's also important to have a comprehensive plan to migrate successfully, with a low-risk and cost-efficient approach. To plan successfully, you need to understand:
  • The applications that should be the first-movers based on ease-and-impact analysis
  • The best destination (public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises) for your applications on a data-driven analysis
  • The most appropriate migration approach for targeted applications taking business, technology, and operational factors into account
  • How an actionable road map is required for continued successful application migration
Aligning the migration to your business objectives and the realities of your current-state deployment is vital. HPE Application Migration Plan for Cloud is an objective, data-driven analysis that prepares you for successful application migration to the right mix of hybrid cloud.