Case study

HPE Synergy provides MKB Bank agility to accelerate new digital banking initiatives

Hungarian financial services enterprise, MKB Bank, transformed IT with HPE Synergy composable infrastructure and a flexible, consumption-based IT model to drive innovation at a bank-owned fintech company and accelerate in-house development to advance digital banking initiatives.

MKB Bank isn't satisfied to just be one of the largest commercial banks in Hungary. It's out to be the leading digital bank in all of central Europe. To support that lofty goal, the bank created a fintech (financial technology) company as an incubator for developing cutting-edge new digital banking services.
To support the fintech with the reliable, dynamic infrastructure resources needed to drive a wide range of development projects, while also running its own everyday business operations, MKB Bank needed to build a private cloud. This was no easy task. The bank's legacy infrastructure comprised hundreds of aging servers, many of them tried and true HPE servers. But these compute silos could not deliver the necessary agility and responsiveness required for a growing digital bank. In addition, the cost to manage individual servers was getting out of control. The bank needed a more flexible and cost-effective platform on which to build its private cloud.
Krisztian Ban, IT operations director at MKB Bank, explains, "We needed a dynamic infrastructure that would allow us to quickly provide IT resources for new startups associated with our fintech or to create a new development environment internally. And we had to manage more accurately the use of infrastructure - operational systems and shared resources - to control our costs better."

Greater technical and financial flexibility

After evaluating Cisco UCS and discussing solution options with HPE, MKB Bank decided on HPE Synergy composable infrastructure. This is a software-defined solution that treats physical and virtual compute, storage, and network fabric as resources that can be allocated and configured for any application on-demand.