Solution brief

Design for the circular economy

Meet your environmental, regulatory, and financial purchasing objectives through sustainable product procurement

Realize savings with built-in efficiency

As billions of connected devices continue to come online, computing demand will exceed today's infrastructure, consuming energy and materials at unprecedented rates. As awareness of these issues increases, organizations must factor internal and/or regulatory constraints into any purchasing decision. Our holistic approach to product design results in lower product power consumption and reduced waste - reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for our customers and contributing to a more circular economy.
A detailed understanding of product impacts enables HPE product stewards and designers to work together to consider lifecycle impacts at the design stage and prioritize areas for improvement. For HPE, it is a business imperative to design more efficient solutions and partner with suppliers to reduce environmental impacts.

HPE Design for the Environment

HPE Design for the Environment (DfE) program is an engineering-based approach to product development that focuses on the specific environmental impacts of HPE products and targets inefficiencies in the manufacturing process.