Solution brief

Avoid storage surprises

Store more data, more securely and affordably, with software-defined storage for small to midsize businesses

Are you prepared?

In the digital age, data is the most valuable asset of any company. But small and midsize businesses (SMBs) face unique challenges when it comes to data protection and disaster recovery. For starters, reliable storage with adequate capacity can be complex and expensive, putting it out of reach.
Now ask yourself a few questions: How safe is your data? Do you have a second copy stored elsewhere? If you lost access to your data, could you still run your business?
Are you worried yet? Don't be. With highly available software-defined storage, your data is protected from a hard drive failure and can be recovered quickly - so you can get on with your business.
In the past, the cost and complexity of software-defined storage made it more suitable for enterprises. HPE Small Business Solutions for High Availability Storage give you software-defined storage to free you from the cost and complexity of traditional storage with low-cost, scalable storage that's simple to deploy, manage, and support.