Solution brief

A fast path to a feature-rich, hybrid-ready cloud platform

An agile business needsagile IT

In today's disruption-prone global economy, an enterprise's competitive advantage often erodes faster than it can be acquired. An agile and modern IT infrastructure that enables enterprises to rapidly innovate and respond to market dynamics is critical to stay ahead of the competition and avoid being disrupted.
Now that virtualization has become the de facto standard for IT infrastructure design and consumption, IT faces a new set of challenges - one that requires IT to be agile and an enabler of business outcomes. The traditional reactive IT infrastructure delivery mechanisms, with long provisioning cycles, often results in users consuming IT resources outside of established guidelines, resulting in shadow IT.
In order to avoid such risks and increase developer productivity, IT needs tools and processes that support on-demand, self-service resource consumption across the hybrid cloud environment. Equally important is the need to build the necessary guardrails to ensure that cost, compliance, and governance requirements across IT are adhered to.