Case study

VENZO Secure simplifies security with HPE OEM

Appliances vs. infrastructure

It seems like we've entered a new paradigm in IT. With seemingly limitless options available for how we deploy technology, there's been an equally developing trend towards defining boundaries, concentrating focus, and building solutions that do just one thing really well.
It's something surveillance leaders at VENZO Secure think about a lot. In the field of video surveillance, simplicity and reliability are tantamount to success. It's why the technology innovator builds turnkey appliances for its network of partners in the security industry.
"We deliver complete, preconfigured turnkey solutions," explains Adrian Adolfsson, Chief Operating Officer at VENZO Secure. "We remove the complexity, and allow the integrators to deploy a video surveillance solution much faster, without the usual risk associated with building their own solution."

Manufacturing outsourced

In order to perform this role in an ever-evolving security industry, VENZO Secure relies on hardware solutions from HPE OEM. "Being an HPE OEM partner allows us to gain access to a very wide portfolio of some of the best servers and storage in the marketplace today," Adolfsson says. "It's a business advantage to our customers and us because HPE OEM gives us the ability to bring new products to market faster."
For example, when HPE released its latest Gen10 Servers, VENZO Secure's early access to the technology meant they already had a new product line waiting in the wings. "Days after Gen10 was released, we had a new portfolio of video surveillance solutions that we could provide to our customers," Adolfsson recalls.