Technical white paper

Hybrid cloud management and composable infrastructure


HPE ConvergedSystem 750 is a factory-integrated system optimized for rapid infrastructure deployment.
Accelerate your transformation to a digital enterprise with a tightly integrated solution optimized for faster infrastructure deployment, simplified IT operations, and increased efficiency. HPE ConvergedSystem 750 is versatile, scalable, and easy to deploy. Modernize your data center with integrated systems built for hybrid cloud environments and enterprise workloads such as virtualization, containers, data analytics, and more. Spend less time managing your infrastructure and more time focusing on business innovation.
The HPE ConvergedSystem 750 solution arrives preconfigured and ready for workload deployment as soon as it arrives at your data center. From there, it only takes minutes to connect to HPE OneSphere to create a hybrid-ready cloud platform. This takes away the overhead of deploying and configuring IT infrastructure for day 0 operations. As a SaaS-based cloud management platform, HPE OneSphere ensures that customers can focus on consuming cloud resources rather than maintaining them.