Accelerate, simplify, and secure backup and recovery with Data Protector and HPE Storage

The enterprise backup bottleneck

Hybrid cloud environments provide many advantages to organizations looking to increase efficiency and lower costs. However, they also bring new challenges backing up and restoring mission-critical data.
Meeting demanding backup service level agreements (SLAs) for highly distributed and dynamic workloads such as in-memory databases, Big Data, and cloud-based applications is challenging for companies, which continue to use legacy backup methods. The new digital economy demands an approach which can protect at scale an explosive growth of diverse data, and can provide a far greater level of business resiliency, making backup both smarter and more efficient. The rigid, siloed legacy approaches aren't suitable for modern application protection.
Another problem is using backup software that is not integrated with the underlying storage infrastructure. A loosely coupled backup solution will require administrators to write custom scripts to automate backup and recovery tasks and spend more time recovering applications.