Case study

Astrup Drug

Astrup Drug is a family-owned business that provides pharmaceutical services for independent pharmacies and long-term care facilities. Founded in 1952, the company has more than 600 members and operates its own 20 pharmacies - all united by the goal of providing personalized, high-quality patient care. To support its mission, Astrup Drug needs to be able to count on its technology infrastructure to be affordable, secure, and reliable. After all, a system outage can have dire consequences for patient care.
In fact, the importance of reliability was recently driven home at Astrup Drug in Austin, Minnesota when one of their servers decided it just wasn't going to work anymore. Although it was unexpected, the server failure wasn't a total surprise, says the company's server/network administrator, Shon Olson; like other organizations, the company only has so much money to invest in IT infrastructure, and little of that money had gone into the servers for years. So, many of the servers they relied on were in their twilight years. "We're definitely dealing with some pretty antiquated hardware," Olson says.
Astrup Drug's environment is set up so that it can lose one server and hobble by with operations at less than maximum capacity. "Some guys just won't be able to work," Olson says. And some patients could suffer.