TCO white paper

Blades to HPE Synergy program

Digital transformation is putting pressure on organizations to engage better with customers, optimize operations, and transform products. Businesses today need to bridge traditional and cloud applications with a single platform but the current infrastructure complexity is inhibiting innovation and driving up costs. IT needs to quickly leverage the power of technology to fuel the creative process and bring ideas to life but it is difficult to deliver when traditional infrastructure is optimized for stability, scalability, and performance - not speed.
A new architecture is needed to power innovation and value creation for the new breed of applications while more efficiently running traditional workloads. This new approach is composable infrastructure.
Composable infrastructure is the foundation of an end-to-end, software-defined data center, weaving infrastructure and applications into a single platform. With composable infrastructure, IT can make changes faster with minimal service interruption and at a lower cost than traditional systems. IT can request, approve, and provision resources as needed, implementing changes quickly while minimizing business disruption.