Case study

Big Data for hospitals: Scaling with care

South Korean healthcare technology innovator UB Care needed to rethink its existing storage environment to enable Big Data applications for 14,000 customers of its region-leading EMR product. Together with HPE partner AimToG, UB Care chose HPE 3PAR all-flash storage systems to break bottlenecks and boost performance.

First and foremost

There are distinct advantages to being the first. Whatever your industry or angle, the first one to attain that milestone achievement will forever be entitled to that prestige. It also guarantees there will be competitors at your heels trying to diminish your lead.
Staying a step ahead takes intention, strategy, and resources. Just ask UB Care, developers of South Korea's most successful EMR application. They were the first to develop a solution for the region's marketplace and they still claim the No. 1 spot in market share.

Scaling with care

As UB Care grew from a startup in 1994 to a 200-employee organization, its business challenges evolved as well. Today, UB Care's Ysarang EMR application is used by more than 14,000 hospitals internationally.