HPE Education Services


Change is enabling the new

Digital transformation accelerates at high speed. We are experiencing the digitization of everything - as well as a new endless scope of possibilities - for the future of IT in business. As this change occurs, HPE Education Services can position your team for success by helping them optimize systems, embrace technology challenges, and reach the required business outcomes.
We offer a full range of training solutions for business people, IT leaders, teams, and administrators. In addition to our standard offerings, trainings, and workshops in the area of DevOps and agile skills development, we offer customized training solutions, which helps organizations meet specific learning goals. Also, our Management of Change Consultants guide employees through a (IT) transformation by creating programs that consists of a discovery workshop, communication plan, training, and learning support to help ensure that the anticipated business outcomes are reached.
Find out how HPE Education Services can help your team to obtain the required knowledge and expertise to succeed in today'sinformation-driven business economy.