Technical white paper

How to use HPE StoreOnce Systems with Veeam Backup and Replication

This white paper provides guidance on using HPE StoreOnce Systems to provide capacity for Veeam Backup and Replication backup repositories. It is written for HPE StoreOnce Catalyst (not NAS or VTL) connection between Veeam and HPE StoreOnce.

Veeam backup repository storage choice

Veeam writes backup data, copy data, and associated metadata to storage locations called backup repositories. Multiple storage types are supported for a Veeam backup repository:
  • Microsoft Windows or Linux servers
  • CIFS (SMB) shares
  • Detachable hard drives
  • HPE StoreOnce and other vendors' deduplication appliances
When choosing the storage for a Veeam backup repository, the performance and cost requirements need to be defined and a storage is chosen that will deliver those requirements. As with all infrastructure choices, the storage choice is a trade-off between the various requirements. The requirements include:
  • Backup job time: This is determined by the write throughput speed. As the protected data volume grows, additional speed is needed to complete the backup jobs in the available backup window. The backup speed is determined by the data sources, the links, and finally the storage destination.