Case study

BORSIG speeds up its IT infrastructure

German engineering group, BORSIG, is not yet making use of all of the functionality its HPE Synergy and HPE 3PAR have to offer. However, Head of IT, Axel Dunkhorst, is delighted that the "rocket science" he now has in his data center has put the business in an excellent position to cope with future challenges.


An aging IT infrastructure in the data center
Founded more than 180 years ago, few companies have such a long and varied history as German engineering group, BORSIG. The company's 600+ employees offer custom process solutions for applications in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas and power plant sectors. These include heat exchangers, process gas compressors, membrane technology and valves that are used by leading companies like Shell, ExxonMobil, and Sasol, everywhere from Europe, Russia, and Asia to the Near and Middle East, South America, and the USA.
The BORSIG Group is still firmly rooted in Berlin. From there, a small team of IT specialists operate the central IT infrastructure for the entire group, which amounts to five manufacturing sites in Germany and offices in Moscow and Beijing. There are also smaller data centers at the manufacturing plants in Meerane and Gladbeck.
"It's important for us to have an IT infrastructure that allows us to implement new requirements from the business quickly whenever we need to - whether it's for new projects or new company acquisitions," explains Axel Dunkhorst, Head of IT at BORSIG. "Plus, we also want to be able to manage our IT landscape ourselves with a small in-house team so the infrastructure has to be highly-automated and run perfectly smoothly."
BORSIG has relied on an all HPE solution for its data centers for many years. Until recently, this comprised of an HPE BladeSystem c7000, which combines a server, network and storage solution in one, and HPE EVA P6000 storage systems. Data backups were carried out using HP Data Protector Software on an HPE StoreEver MSL tape library.