Technical white paper

HPE and Datera: Uncompromising software-defined storage

Executive summary

Data is quickly becoming the most valuable asset in today's fast-moving economy. Businesses require solutions that can help them realize the value of their data using modern IT software and infrastructure. Unfortunately, many data storage systems have features that address some business requirements, but not all. Legacy storage systems are far too expensive, force up-front overprovisioning, don't scale well, support limited storage types, and require too much manual effort to maintain. Some modern scale-out software-defined storage overcomes these issues, but still suffers from poor performance, lack of advanced data services, and difficult manual administration. Additional storage solutions are commonly used to fill the gaps left by these inadequate systems. The result is a piece-meal and disaggregated storage solution that requires additional staff, skillsets, support, and funding to keep operational.
As data acquisition and value increases, businesses deserve a modern storage solution that does not compromise. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Datera provide enterprise-class performance, orchestration, and intelligent technology partner data storage solution on a single software-defined scale-out platform. With the world's most secure industry-standard servers, HPE provides ease of deployment, low latencies, flexible storage options, and HPE InfoSight AI-driven insights. On top of HPE advanced server technology, the Datera Data Services Platform delivers high performance, scale-out block storage with advanced automation and data services. The solution isfuture-ready with hot-add support for heterogeneous servers, devices, and clouds. Continuous optimization ensures that performance remains consistent with zero downtime. Together, HPE and Datera provide this intelligent, feature-rich, uncompromising solution to help businesses transform their data into business outcomes.

Solution overview

The Datera Data Services Platform is proven, enterprise storage software designed to provide first-rate performance for block and S3 object storage for physical servers, virtual machines, and containers using standard, cost-effective x86 servers. HPE server platforms represent the latest in security, performance, and expandability. Using Datera software on HPE server platforms can unlock the performance, reliability, and advanced features required to propel any enterprise storage solution into the future.