Case study

Feeding 10 billion people

In 1930, one farmer fed 10 people. Today, one farmer feeds 155 people. In 2050, one farmer will need to feed 250 people. To meet this exploding demand, Land O'Lakes, a global leader in precision agriculture, is using cloud technologies to revolutionize modern farming.

A farmer's success is all about making the right decisions

From when to plant seeds, to where and how much to water and fertilize, farmers have always been faced with a litany of decisions. Teddy Bekele, VP IT at Land O'Lakes explains, "Most farmers need to make 40 major decisions throughout their crop's growing cycle. These 40 turn into about 200 smaller decision points, all of which impact the success of a crop."
Traditionally, farmers based their decisions largely off intuition. Today however, cloud, IoT, and Big Data technologies are efficiently capturing, ingesting, and analyzing data from multiple sources simultaneously, arming farmers with the real-time data they need to make more informed decisions. Better farming decisions translate to larger yields with fewer resources.

More mouths, fewer resources

The United Nations estimates that by 2050, the world's population will reach 10 billion. The same study highlights that by as soon as 2030, global water demand will outstrip supply by 40%. Given the scarcity of water, arable land, and other input resources, a farmer's ability to sustainably improve yields will be critical to feeding future generations.
Land O'Lakes is investing millions in agricultural technology to help farmers produce more food, with fewer resources and less environmental impact. The development of cloud-native systems that help farmers make data-driven decisions is at the heart of the Ag Tech Revolution.