Technical white paper

Configuration guidelines for HPE NonStop Servlets for JavaServer Pages


HPE NonStop Servlets for JavaServer Pages (NSJSP) is the popular JSP/servlet container available on NonStop. While HPE NSJSP provides a standards-based environment for hosting servlet/JSP applications, it also provides some uncommon advantages such as near linear scalability, continuous availability, and near even load balancing.
Knowledge of the various configuration parameters, the effect they have on the behavior of HPE NSJSP, and the relationship between the different parameters are necessary to configure HPE NSJSP to achieve the desired goals.
This document describes the architecture of HPE NSJSP and the various configuration parameters used in HPE NSJSP, which are explained using appropriate examples. This document is written for HPE NSJSP 6.0 and HPE NSJSP 7.0 audience.