Case study

Adista launches healthcare data hosting in its data centers


Responding to the evolution of healthcare data
Adista is both a hosted services provider and an alternative telecoms operator. Founded in 1981, the company now has 450 employees, with 27 offices on mainland France and five data centers.
In 2016, Adista decided to enter the healthcare data market to complement its existing services. This sector is experiencing rapid growth and is expected to be worth $68 billion by 2025, according to most research bodies. The sector is seeing a boost after the decision to launch the Shared Medical Record in France in 2018.
To respond to this quick increase in needs, Adista needed to establish a powerful, hyper-dense, and secure IT architecture for its five data centers located across France. "The objective is to locate as many physical and virtual machines in the smallest space possible to continually optimize performance," emphasizes Brice Munier, Head of Business PLAN/Architecture at Adista.