Case study

Moving mountains with Gen10

Allied Trucking of Florida chooses HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Servers, HPE OfficeConnect 1920S Switch Series, and HPE OfficeConnect OC20 Access Points to build the future of its Florida-based industrial trucking business. Find out how HPE partner subIT guided Allied through a major IT modernization that positions the trucking leader for real-time analytics and statewide growth.

Breaking the old-school rules

Architects, designers, and engineers can dream up just about anything. Transforming those dreams into reality is a different matter altogether. To do it right, you need professional, reliable services supporting the project at every step.
Allied Trucking of Florida has been serving the construction industry in Florida for more than 30 years, providing materials delivery, hauling contaminated material handling, and demolition services that keep projects safe, predictable, and on time.
The industrial trucking industry hasn't changed as much as the world around it. But now that's changing too. "The dump truck business is a very old-school industry," explains Carlos Fernandez, IT manager at Allied Trucking of Florida. "Until recently, there hasn't been a lot of IT in the business - we used servers mostly for storage and the data we were storing wasn't being analyzed promptly enough to affect decision-making processes."

The need for visibility

In fact, it was regular practice to enter data after the weekly work that was scheduled had been done, mainly for record keeping and billing purposes. "For instance, we wouldn't know how much delivery product we actually had in our system at any given moment," Fernandez relates. "We would find out next week once the data had been entered, processed, and analyzed. We were always a week behind."
Fernandez and Ricardo Vargas, process manager at Allied Trucking of Florida, were brought in to change all that. "This industry has been able to exist with this day-to-day mindset for a long time, but we want to push to go farther," Fernandez says. "We want to be able to track deliveries, make decisions in real time, and predict our next move."
The IT infrastructure Fernandez and Vargas inherited was not capable of delivering on that promise. "We mostly had older servers that were running out of space," Fernandez recalls. "And if we're going to be a leader in the region, we knew we had to upgrade our platform."

Vision into focus

Allied's core business application has to handle everything - payments to drivers, receivables, payables, and all the data for each trip. "Every week we make between 13,000 and 15,000 entries. It's a lot of data that we don't want to lose."
Faced with the need to upgrade, the desire to perform advanced analytics and the vision to be an industrial trucking leader in the region, the small IT team reached out to local HPE partner subIT and its founder Joaquin Ochoa. "We heard about Joaquin through word of mouth - one of his customers told us he wasn't just some guy selling a dream. He could actually make stuff happen," recalls Fernandez. "So we gave him a call."
Fernandez and Vargas told Ochoa what they wanted to do: "We want to build new software to track the deliveries and it's going to be based on Microsoft SQL Server, and we want it to be a highly available virtual machine environment," Fernandez explains. "And we want to be able to have instant visibility into that data via a dashboard so we can manage our fleet of trucks in real time depending on where they are and where they will be going."
Currently, Allied manages all this by phone and text messages. "We're highly reactive right now, decision-making is just based on how a person thinks something should be done," Vargas offers. "We want to move past that so we're making decisions based on business intelligence."

Solutions that transform

Allied already has a long history with HPE servers, and Ochoa at subIT relies on them for his customers in the transportation industry. "We had been using HPE ProLiant Gen8 Servers, but we wanted a fresh start for our new VM environment," Fernandez says. Ochoa likes deploying HPE ProLiant servers at his customer sites because he can manage them remotely via their built-in HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) features.