Solution brief

Fast integration with proven methodology and automation framework

Realize the full benefits of a native hybrid cloud platform with Microsoft Azure Stack

Customers choose Microsoft Azure Stack to provide end users, developers, and application owners a cloud platform that is easily and quickly accessible and consumable, taking benefit of a pre-engineered, cloud-native, and hybrid-capable technology for connected or disconnected deployments.
However, the full benefits of Azure Stack are not realized until it is integrated into enterprise IT processes and standards, including automation, security, and monitoring. This requires specific expertise, typically not available within a software development staff.

HPE Business-Ready Adoption of Microsoft Azure Stack

HPE Business-Ready Adoption of Microsoft Azure Stack accelerates enterprise and DevOps integration, automation and operational readiness
  • Reduces the time, effort, and provides the level of expertise required to deliver a high quality, consistent Azure Stack cloud environment
  • Rapid onboarding of Azure Stack in compliance with core enterprise IT processes