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Engage with your viewers

Meet the new style of news production on the cloud that enables journalists to virtually reach their audience and engage with them on live TV.

Imagine millions of people downloading a free TV show app and uploading their contributions. What if with that information, you could:
  • Automatically analyze who is the best fit to go on live TV with you?
  • As a producer pick the best content from the best uploaders and get the best engagement during your show?
  • Increase the TV network's customer data maximizing the right offers at the right time?
HPE Audience News Gathering (ANG) is a platform for editors and reporters to bring out contributors sharing outstanding content and help them go live during a show. This helps minimize the editors' efforts in finding the right person to contact and get an excellent audience engagement.
When editors and broadcasters are looking for new ways to engage with their audience and broaden it with social engagement - going over the top (OTT) - they may be looking at new technologies (social media, analytics, and automatic metadata) for innovative programs.