Data sheet

HPE Risk Assessment Service

Service overview

HPE Risk Assessment Service for cybersecurity is designed to assist organizations in obtaining a better understanding of the information security risk their assets may be exposed to in their operational environment and develop a strategy to either reduce or better manage it. No matter if your assets are located on-premises or on a private or public cloud, or you are in the process of planning to rehost or replatform your assets, let HPE help you understand and develop a plan to manage your information security risk. A risk-based approach and appropriate security measures not only reduce the ongoing operational security and financial risk related to information security but also allows organizations to react and adapt to changes at a much faster pace and thus create business advantages over competitors.
HPE Risk Assessment Service for cybersecurity is a customizable service based on the size of the environment (number of in-scope assets). Service duration can vary from one to four weeks and beyond. The assessment methodology for the HPE Risk Assessment Service for cybersecurity is developed based on the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27005. The service provides a comprehensive point-in-time assessment and analysis on threat, vulnerability, and risk associated with each in-scope asset including associated business process and existing controls of assets. The asset are evaluated against the organization's security objectives, which can be composed of legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements; organization's strategic and operational requirements; and security risks that are specific to the organization and/or type of business the organization conducts.
The following deliverables will be provided by HPE at the end of the assessment:
  • Workshop documentation
  • Asset evaluation report