Solution brief

HPE Container Platform Service

Containerizing applications and moving them from preproduction to production

Innovation is driving unprecedented demand for cloud-native applications and the containerization of traditional applications. Application developers are also adopting analytics, deep learning, and machine learning into their application lifecycle, leveraging containers. Also, market forces and competition require that you bring these innovations and capabilities to market faster than ever before. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) best practice methodology and automation are essential to driving agility in your service delivery. In order to determine the right path forward when it comes to cloud-native applications, you need to define your container strategy up front across your hybrid cloud. This would include determining container management platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift, Docker Enterprise Edition, Mesosphere DCOS powered by Kubernetes.
HPE Container Platform Service helps your teams rapidly adapt in the age of application agility. The goals of the service are simple: faster time to application service delivery and lowering the costs and challenges of adopting the latest container strategies. The service enables your teams to run your container platforms in either on-premises or off-premises in a truly scalable, standard, repeatable, and reliable manner using HPE IP and best practice for automated integration of your unique characteristics into your production environment.

Container platforms

HPE Pointnext has years of experience transitioning the way customers develop and operate applications workloads. Today, container platforms are being leveraged for many use cases, including traditional applications, microservices-based cloud-native development, and cloud advanced computing, such as machine learning. Containers can also be an effective method to avoid vendor lock-in and enable a hybrid cloud service delivery strategy. Working with our container management partners, we have created the right architectures, networking, storage, and automation to help you speed up innovation, leveraging our combined technologies and experience.