Configuration guide

HPE WASL Version 1.2 Quick Install and Setup Guide

HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux (WASL) is a one-click security compliance tool designed to secure Operating System and Applications. The Secure Management Station (SMS) in WASL Version 1.2 is packaged as an Open Virtual Appliance (OVA). This quick install guide provides information to deploy and configure the WASL SMS virtual appliance for the first time.
See the WASL Install and Setup Guide for detailed instructions.
The WASL DVD (or DVD image) includes the OVA package file. Mount the WASL DVD image, look for the OVA file Q8K94-11003.ova, in the directory /WASL/VMware/ under the DVD mount point. The OVA file is digitally signed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Click to learn more about HPE Signature Verification. You may then deploy the OVA file - using either the VMware vSphere web interface or the VMware vSphere client.