Technical white paper

Enhancing the performance of the 3DEXPERIENCE throughout the product lifecycle

Executive summary

Manufacturers are under severe competitive pressures to develop, deliver, and support high quality and more custom products and services faster and at lower costs. To address these challenges, manufacturers are embracing digital manufacturing or smart manufacturing. The 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Syst�mes is a leading digital manufacturing platform used extensively in product design and development.
Designers and engineers in today's environments are working with increasingly larger and complex models. Recent advances in GPU technology, virtualization software, and remote protocols are enabling remote visualization through virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions that deliver more performance, robustness, and improved total cost of ownership (TCO) than ever before.
Working jointly with NVIDIA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-grade, high-performance systems and software, and high-value services to help manufacturers implement the 3DEXPERIENCE and VDI throughout value chain and product lifecycle. Many of these systems are already certified by Dassault Syst�mes and deliver unparalleled productivity, performance, and flexibility.