Case study

ELFETEX is working with HPE to simplify and improve their server management

With over 300 employees and 24 sales outlets, ELFETEX is one of the largest providers of wholesale electrical products in the Czech Republic. The company needed a more modern, centralized way to manage their HPE infrastructure across their network.


Needed a more proactive way to manage infrastructure
For nearly 30 years, ELFETEX has been dedicated to providing quality electrical products, expert advice, and services to businesses throughout the Czech Republic. Their central warehouse in Pilsen can fulfill orders of over a million products, including more than 25,000 products available for immediate delivery.
Until recently, ELFETEX handled management of their fleet of servers with an HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) server management platform. However, this solution was not delivering the streamlined management and actionable insights they needed to properly manage several servers and storage systems across multiple locations.
Likewise, they were experiencing issues with servers losing connections, which required a lengthy restart. They also had only one spare HDD, with limited ability to properly protect or manage it - any glitches or malfunctions of the drive could have resulted in the loss of critical data.