Data sheet

HPE Factory Express Integration Service for SAP HANA

Service overview

HPE Factory Express Integration Service for SAP HANA provides factory build and integration services for your eligible HPE Solution for SAP HANA in accordance with ISO 9000:2000 quality standards. Please refer to the Service Eligibility section of this data sheet for more information regarding eligible HPE infrastructure for SAP HANA. In addition, in order to be eligible for these services, you must also purchase HPE Hardware Installation Services as these are complementary services designed to coordinate the integration tasks described in this data sheet along with HPE's installation services. HPE builds and configures your HPE Solution for SAP HANA to your specifications and performs testing prior to shipment of your system leveraging skilled HPE resources and expertise. HPE performs these integration activities in regional HPE factories, delivering a solution that is preconfigured and tested to help shorten your deployment cycles. The Factory Express Integration Service for SAP HANA and HPE Installation services must be ordered with your HPE SAP HANA product purchase and apply only to the eligible products on your order.
An HPE Integration Center project manager oversees the implementation of this service engagement, with activities that include overall service planning, logistical coordination and technical planning meeting facilitation with your organization to prepare for solution deployment in your facility as more fully described below.

Service benefits

  • Helps reduce implementation time and cost
  • Integrates the solution to your specifications utilizing using HPE specialists