Product brief

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Rackspace


Intrepid USA provides compassionate in-home healthcare and hospice services to 8,000 patients in 21 states. Many of the company's 1,700 employees work out in the field, using mobile devices such as tablets and laptop PCs. Security is essential in healthcare and especially challenging with a mobile, dispersed workforce. Intrepid USA turned to HPE partner, Rackspace, for a large transformation project to strengthen security, reduce costs, and focus IT on productivity initiatives instead of infrastructure maintenance.


Intrepid USA Healthcare and Hospice at Home is the 10th largest U.S. provider of affordable, personalized, patient- and family-centered home healthcare, home hospice, private duty home care, and independent living support services in the home, delivered on demand. They are leading the development of the Concierge Family Medical HomeCare Continuum.

Business goals

With a dispersed, mobile workforce, Intrepid USA depends on a large fleet of tablets, cellphones, laptops, desktop PCs, and peripherals to record patient data and manage internal functions such as payroll and scheduling. Due to security and regulatory requirements, those communications must be encrypted and data storage must remain compliant. Intrepid USA aimed to strengthen security while making IT more efficient, productive, and customer focused.