Case study

QUODD relies on TierPoint and HPE to enable global competitiveness

QUODD Financial Information Services, a Financeware company, provides investment professionals such as brokers, money managers, and hedge funds with real-time market data to drive informed investment decisions. Up to 2 TB of market data from all the major North American exchanges flows into QUODD systems for processing by the company's proprietary application within milliseconds. To enable this, QUODD needs highly available, secure, powerful, and flexible IT capabilities. However, the company has no desire to own or maintain its own infrastructure. QUODD, therefore, relies on the TierPoint hosted private cloud built on HPE servers, storage, and networking.

Growing a global competitor

QUODD, based in Jersey City, N.J., was formed in 1999 as a small information services firm with limited IT capabilities. President Dennis Cassidy joined the company in 2000 and set out to transform it into a highly sophisticated real-time market data company offering a growing range of services to the global investment industry. QUODD's flagship solution is QUODD Equity+, a workstation bundling a complete set of market data services and information into a single, easy-to-use desktop solution. QUODD's iPad and Android apps sync with a user's desktop application so watch lists are the same in both places - providing true mobility. The apps also provide breaking news, alerts, and detailed fundamental company data. The same technology that powers QUODD Equity+ is available in the form of low-latency streaming data feeds covering all major North American securities exchanges. QUODD also offers custom solutions for data that can be easily integrated into customer business applications. IT delivers multiple types of live data directly to end-user devices, including browsers, wireless devices, and PC applications.

TierPoint provides private cloud on HPE backbone

QUODD started working with TierPoint in 2005 and has relied on the company over the years to grow and refresh the infrastructure to support QUODD's business growth and expanding services. The TierPoint operating expense model reduces QUODD's capital expenses and delivers significant savings over co-location - in which infrastructure resources would still be company-owned.
"Here's the beauty about TierPoint: we don't own anything up there," Cassidy says. "We're using this as a service, leveraging TierPoint's vast pool of technical resources and expertise. We can specify the requirements and how we're going to virtualize, but it's their hardware and I don't have to worry about it."
TierPoint built its Hosted Private Cloud solution on HPE ProLiant DL370 servers - rack-optimized servers that deliver performance, expansion, and manageability across virtualized workloads. HPE networking components include HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Switches built to support bandwidth-demanding applications. HPE Nimble Storage arrays provide intelligent, self-managing flash storage for high availability.