Technical white paper

Managing the IT environment using HPE IT Access and Control


IT Access and Control is good for you��Traditional analog KVM switches continue to provide direct local access to servers using a local console in the rack environment, while serial console servers deliver remote management access to serially managed devices such as headless servers and network switches. The new generation digital KVM switches can now provide centralized remote access to servers across the network in addition to supporting advanced functions such as remote media access and others.

KVM Console Switches

KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) console switches are an essential technology in modern data centers. These switches are used to provide access and control to multiple servers from one or more console stations.

Analog versus IP/Digital KVM switches

Traditional analog KVM switches provide direct access and control of servers by routing their KVM signals to the switch and then outputting a selected server's signals to a console directly attached to the switch (Figure 1).