Make data work for you with HPE solutions and H2O Driverless AI

Businesses everywhere have realized that their exclusive data is key to competitive success and now want to put that data to work with artificial intelligence (AI). To scale, data science teams need to adopt new tools and techniques that will allow them to get better results and quickly deliver more insights to the business.
H2O Driverless AI on HPE Apollo GPU-enabled servers is an automatic machine learning platform that gives you an experienced data scientist in a box to create AI-driven products and services to transform your business.
Increasing the business impact of AI by solving a wider variety of business problems is crucial. H2O Driverless AI is optimized to run with the HPE ProLiant and HPE Apollo GPU-enabled servers and automates key portions of the data science workflow. These include feature engineering, parameter tuning, and model optimization to dramatically reduce the time needed to produce accurate models.