Technical white paper

HPE Data Management Framework system architecture overview

Section 1. Overview

HPE Data Management Framework (DMF) provides a large-scale, tiered storage and data management platform specifically engineered to manage and protect the petabytes of structured and unstructured content generated by highly scalable and extremely dynamic HPC, data analytics, and artificial intelligence workflows.
HPE DMF combines industry-leading traditional, cloud, and cost-optimized storage devices with software-defined storage management features to create a powerful yet cost-effective data management environment. As such, HPE DMF is a major enabling technology component in support of data-intensive compute environments reducing storage costs, simplifying long-term data management, and improving the levels of data protection for critical projects.
HPE DMF enables the intelligent blending of high-performance storage located close to the point of data ingest and compute with cost-managed, high-capacity storage based on multiple technologies that may include object storage, cloud storage, and library-based tape. The HPE DMF-based approach allows selected data to be stored on low-cost, capacity-optimized storage media instead of or in addition to the premium-tier technology such as SSDs or fast hard drives while also meeting the target levels of storage performance.