Technical white paper

Running a hybrid cloud with HPE�OneSphere and HPE Synergy


Many enterprises today have the need to run their applications in either a public cloud or a private cloud, or both. This introduces new challenges for IT organizations in how they manage their cloud environments. Enterprises are seeking a unified management experienced as they begin to implement their cloud strategies. These organizations need to understand the implications of overprovisioning that can lead to substantial costs.
HPE OneSphere is able to price private cloud on per VM (vCPU/vMem/Storage) per hour just like the public cloud. Admins need a new skill set to look at the cost per minute/hour in choosing the correct size VM for their applications. In this white paper, HPE OneSphere will show you that VM resources in the public cloud are priced differently based on the account, purchase model/pricing model, and data center. It also varies based on time of day.
HPE OneSphere also features a way of pricing private resources on per VM basis so that you have a consistent comparison. This added complexity of cost accrual must be addressed when creating and operating a hybrid cloud.