Leveraging advanced but affordable analytics in the cloud

Fully managed solutions for business intelligence in the cloud, available as a service in the TCS Cloud.

Needing insights, but wanting to avoid complexity and cost
Adopting new applications that enable intelligent business processes is a source of operational efficiency and competitive advantage. To succeed in this endeavor, enterprises must generate real-time insights from data and use analytics derived from live transactions. It means creating dynamic data marts and intelligent applications. Such outcomes are rooted in the use of software with advanced data management and analytics features.
SAP HANA, with its in-memory database, offers one of the IT world's most compelling examples of this kind of functionality. A remarkably high-performing database to start with, SAP HANA also enables a wide array of data analytics functions, and supports a data-driven application ecosystem for the enterprise. The challenge with SAP HANA, however, stems from its relatively high cost and complexity. By definition, the in-memory database requires a great deal of memory and flash storage. For smaller organizations, these requirements can be barriers to adoption.
To bridge the gap and make SAP HANA affordable and easy to consume, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is making SAP HANA available as a service in the cloud. TCS HANA-as-a-Service (HANA-aaS) is powered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise SAP HANA TDI Compute, storage, networking, and software.