Solution brief

Data protection for Microsoft Azure Stack

Protecting infrastructure and tenant data resources on Microsoft Azure Stack and beyond

Microsoft Azure in the data center

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack enables an on-premises deployment of Microsoft Azure Stack that mirrors the functionality of Microsoft Azure cloud. Co-engineered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft, it incorporates compute, storage, and networking in an Azure on-premises instance. The advantage of this approach is to deliver the speed, agility, and simplicity of a public cloud but with the characteristics of an on-premises cloud.

Data protection challenges on Microsoft Azure Stack

The success of HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack has led users to embrace the solution for their most ambitious and business-critical workloads. At the same time, human beings - and the world at large - can throw some pretty serious challenges at even the most stable infrastructure. Data protection has thus become an essential requirement for users of Microsoft Azure Stack. Commvault addresses this need by offering protection against human errors, programmatic errors, and malicious insiders. It mitigates data risks threatened by hackers and malware, as well as natural disasters and power outages.
Natively, Microsoft Azure Stack protects the core platform software and infrastructure resources. This is the data that keeps Azure Stack itself functioning. It includes services and microservices such as Azure Resource Manager (ARM), the KeyVault store of cryptographic keys and other secrets, Compute Resource Provider (CRP), Network Resource Provider (NRP), Storage Resource Provider (SRP), and so forth. The Azure Stack admin portal provides built-in capabilities that protect this data restore in the event of an outage.