Solution brief

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Manage availability through change management

The Distributed Systems Management (DSM)/Software Configuration Management (SCM) Change Management service assists in establishing orderly software change management methodology. The service provides the software installation, on-site training/orientation, a review of your change management process, and recommendations for reducing planned downtime.
Delivered by HPE consultants, they install the DSM/SCM software to assess your business processes and provide peak performance and efficiency with the least disruption to your business. The result:
  • The DSM/SCM Change Management service allows you to manage software configuration changes for multiple distributed systems from a central site.
  • HPE conducts an on-site workshop to provide DSM/SCM basics to your system management, technical services, and operations staffs.
  • HPE provides information on how to install, configure, and manage the software in the future; how to plan and execute configuration changes; and how to address system software and application software changes. Our consultant also presents best practices for your configuration change process.

Service highlights

  • HPE delivers a written report and a summary presentation reviewing your computing environment and change management process.