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The Performance Review and Analysis service includes analysis and recommendations for the overall balancing of the system, including disk IO, CPU utilization, memory, cache, process, and file location. It also includes an in-depth analysis of individual subsystems such as Transaction Manager/Massively Parallel (TM/MP), HPE NonStop SQL/MP, and other subsystems.
Our consultant performs a re-measure of system performance with follow-on recommendations. The service components can also be delivered as distinct service offerings. The standard service consists of two 1-week visits and one 1-day visit at your site. Some of the efforts are completed at an HPE facility analyzing your data and generating the final report.
An HPE consultant works with you to gather information about the system and the applications. From the information, HPE provides recommendations for improving your system balance and utilization. Key subsystems used by your application are analyzed to identify performance improvement opportunities within these areas. A Performance Review and Analysis report is produced and presented to you.